$12.00 regular & $14.00 casual 

  • Regular: At least 1 day booking per week during programme term. 
  • Casual: Irregular bookings throughout programme term.
  • The fee is per child, per day.
  • Discounts available
  • $22.00 daily rate per regular booking. 
  • $24.00 daily rate per casual booking. 

    • Regular: At least 1 day booking per week during programme term. 
    • Casual: Irregular bookings throughout programme term.
      • Discounts available. 


  • $50.00 per non-trip day (at least 3 a week)
  • $55.00 per trip day (at least 2 a week)
    • Discounts available
  • No morning pick-up service from your home is available.
  • No charge for drop-off to neighbouring schools from Before School Care centres. 
  • $6.00 per child, per day for drop-off service home from After School Care centres.* This is only between 5.00pm – 6.00pm.
    • Drop off home address must be within a reasonable distance otherwise an extra fee will apply
    • Booster seats are provided. 



All our programmes are OSCAR subsidy-approved. To find out if you qualify for an OSCAR subsidy check out this helpful calculator.

We reckon all whānau should have access to childcare, whenever they need it. That’s why OSCAR subsidies are available at all our programmes.

Simply apply online here.



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