Enrolling in any of our activities is very easy to do. 
Our bookings are managed through Enrolmy which is a great automated site that allows changes to be made by families and admin 
and instantly updates our digital system accessed onsite via a tablet and mobile app by our supervisors. 

Click on this button below to take you to our Enrolmy site to view all our LIVE activities/programmes. 

Our centres:

St.Bernard’s centre
– Before School Care (open to students of St.Bernard’s, Brooklyn, Owhiro Bay, Ridgway and other neighbouring schools)
– After School Care (open to students of St.Bernard’s, Brooklyn and other neighbouring schools)

Ridgway centre
– After School Care (open to students of Ridgway school only)

Berhampore centre
– Before School Care (open to students of Berhampore and SWIS school)
– After School Care (open to students of Berhampore and SWIS school)

Owhiro Bay centre
– After School Care (open to students of Owhiro Bay school only)

Terminology you may see us use every now and then:

ASC = After school care
BSC = Before school care
BASC = Before (and) after school care
HP = Holiday Programme
Centres = Our OSCAR-approved premises where we operate our activities. 
Activity = programme. All our BASC & HP programmes are listed as activities on Enrolmy. 
Register = the list of names of children attending each activity. 
LIVE = an activity open to take bookings and amendments. 

Using Enrolmy

Make bookings easily

Select which ever activity you want your child to go too *see our centre details above. 

Choose between: 
Regular = a minimum attendance of 1 day each week during the activities LIVE dates. 
Casual =non-regular days during the activities LIVE dates. 

Fill in your Enrollment Safety Form with all your family details. 

Manage your bookings easily

Through Enrolmy you are able to make changes to your bookings daily. 

If you need to select the same day/s for your child to attend each week then select these easily under the regular tab. 
If you need to make temporary changes to a regular booking then make these ad-hoc changes easily as described in this walk-through video

NB: daily changes can only be made by families before 2.00 pm each day for ASC and before midnight the day before for BSC.  Any changes afterwards will need to be sent to admin@enjoychilcare.co.nz or directly to the centre phone. Please note that the centre phone will not be checked until staff clock in after 2.30 pm.

Enrolmy support for families

Enrolmy have a great help section for families to refer too as users. You can also book one-on-one calls with one of their support persons.

Enrolmy onsite at our centres.

Signing your child in/out onsite each day is done via our tablet kiosk. 

  • Select your child’s name > state who you are (your authorized pick-up list will show) > digitally sign your signature > submit. 

Our staff access our daily registers and your full family Enrollment Safety Forms via our Enrolmy mobile app.
Your contact details are a quick swipe access when needed so be sure to keep these up to date.